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preserved lemons


Preserved lemons are my favorite “go to” condiment to add bright lemon flavor to marinades, vinaigrettes & veggie dips. See below for my lemon tahini dip…it’s one of my favorites!


6 thin skinned lemons, well-scrubbed and quartered lengthwise, cutting within ½ inch of the stem so that the quarters are still attached at the base. Juice of 3 additional lemons 1 cup course sea salt 3 cinnamon sticks 2 bay leaves


Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of salt in the bottom of a sterilized 1 quart canning jar. Sprinkle all of the cut surfaces between the segments of each lemon with salt. Place three lemons in the jar, pressing firmly so there is little space between the lemons. Add a cinnamon stick and a bay leaf. Repeat to make a second layer. Sprinkle an additional 2 tablespoons of salt, two cinnamon sticks and the bay leaf on top of the last layer. Add lemon juice to fill the jar completely. Close the jar and refrigerate. Turn the jar very few days. The lemons will be preserved in about three weeks and can be used for six months. The longer they preserve the better the flavor will be.

Chef’s Note

To use remove from the jar, discard the pulp, and rinse the rind to remove excess salt. I use two to three segments per recipe or to taste.