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Our trip to Saluti Vineyard in Somerset California

      Our trip to Saluti Vineyard in Somerset California                     If a picnic had any rules it would be to relax and enjoy            nature with delicious easy to eat finger foods. I can't             think of a more calm tranquil place to enjoy a picnic             than the mediterranean style vineyards of Saluti.                          Their wine estate is nestled in the...

off the grid in San Francisco

        We spent a beautiful Sunday in San Francisco at the Presidio off the grid picnic in the park party. Two of our daughters live in the city and are both foodies so it was a perfect gathering spot for friends and family to meet. It was also fleet week so the park was filled with the sights and sounds of this unique city and the sky was filled with an air show featuring the Blue Angels and other aerial acrobats buzzing us from above. The fog...